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To have an amazing park, a perfect project, WINAM will plan to create a playground for customers with the following steps:

Step 1: Analyze the park

To plan in detail, effectively as well as meet the requirements set by the customer, we will survey, analyze the premises, and especially consider many aspects as follows:

  • Dimensions, topography, and natural features of the site to be constructed
  • Location of premises, surroundings, the density of residential areas when using and accessing the playground
  • Analyze the characteristics of the player audience, including age and gender, to recommend suitable equipment

In addition, we also have a list that corresponds to each specific case to increase efficiency in the planning process. It helps the construction and installation work to be safe, on schedule, and with high accuracy. We will consider other special requests such as unique, creative-themed design at the outset.


Step 2: Sketch and come up with a basic idea

Playground planning usually begins with ideation (choosing the playground theme, primary colors, equipment type). At the same time, outline an overview of the amusement park, including functional zoning of each area, planning of walkways, playground floor, roof to make the design drawings more complete and in-depth.

Step 3: 2D drawing

Based on the basic sketch idea, we will prepare a more detailed 2D draft. The draft playground will include functional areas for each age group, the benefits of each play equipment, safety aspects, and maintenance issues. The selection and placement of playground equipment will be made, taking into account all other relevant factors. It is essential, as structural quality (play equipment, products) must result in high process quality (behavior, effects on children and those supervising and accompanying) to ensure the sustainability of society.

Step 4: Presenting the playground design presentation

The WINAM planning process will go from hand drawing to 2D draft and finally to 3D drawing design. The design or sales staff will personally demonstrate the playground design and basic industry concepts. Besides, we are ready to make 3D drawings with each playground area and bring more diverse perspectives so that customers can grasp and visualize more easily.

Step 5: Sign the contract

If you agree with the quote and design, we will negotiate the terms of the contract

Step 6: Organize construction and installation

Prepare tools, equipment and organize construction and installation on schedule as committed under the contract.

Step 7: Acceptance

Conduct acceptance test of playground equipment to put into use.

Step 8: Save the list of clients into the data system to take care of after-sales service

We will save clients’ information on the system, and WINAM will carry out periodic equipment maintenance according to the previously agreed time.