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WINAM has over ten years of experience designing and installing playgrounds, outdoor fitness, park furniture, and safety surface that actively contribute to children’s physical development. WINAM’s play spaces satisfy their need to grow and thrive by helping nurture and reinforce their emotional, sensory, and cognitive abilities, as well as their creativity and sociability.

WINAM has constantly strived to affirm its brand with many domestic and foreign investors during over a decade of establishment and development. Our team is experienced managers, experts, and engineers, so we have tremendous advantages in making a difference in people and human resource management systems lean, intensive, and flexible.

These years, WINAM has been known as one of the most prestigious and reliable contractors in the Southeast Asia playground & fitness equipment market. With the motto “Trust” on top, WINAM construction projects are always highly appreciated by the investor for quality, progress, and safety throughout the construction process.

With a transparent and scientific management system and a dynamic, creative staff, solid professional knowledge, along with stable financial resources, in the not too distant future, WINAM will indeed become one of the leading prestigious and experienced suppliers of playground & fitness equipment in Southeast Asia.